First TUT experience

  1. First TUT experience

    Today was my first TUT workout ever, and I must say, I loved it. The burn was incredible, and the pump was outrageous. I used my normal routine but did 2-4 sets of every exercise and with varying tempos on each. I wish I had researched and experimented with this method much earlier. What I plan on doing from this point on is alternating TUT and strength training, and each time I go back to TUT experimenting with the tempos a little bit.
    Maybe it was just a great workout because I took off for 4 days, and my diet has been SPOT on for the past couple weeks... But either way, I loved it!

  2. Give it a few weeks when the gains really start. How sweet is it.

  3. I want to try the exact routine your gonna do.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by UNDERTAKER
    I want to try the exact routine your gonna do.
    No problem, as long as you don't say "post the exact routine your going to do" anymore.
    First off, I'll be training 4-5 days a week depending on my work schedule. Diet has been basically spot on 2100-2300 cals / day consisting of Oatmeal, Whey/Casein w/ 1% Milk, Grilled Chicken Breasts, Brocolli, Baked Potatos, Brown Rice, Cottage Cheese, extra lean ground beef, and apples/bananas.

    The tempo will be using 4 numbers (in seconds) in the order that you actually do the movement based on the position you start out with the weights; for example:
    -Bench Press would be [lower, pause, lift, pause] for 1 rep
    -Tricep Kickbacks would be [raise, pause, lower, pause]
    * Denotes The [x]second pause on the contraction here BURNS

    DB Incline: 3x10-12 [3,0,2,0]
    DB Decline: 3x10-12 [3,0,2,0]
    Decline DB Flys: 3x10-12 [3,0,1,1]
    Incline Cable Flys: 3x10-12 [1,2,3,0] *
    Dips: 2xFailure [2,1,2,1]
    Tricep Kickbacks: 2x10 [1,2,2,0] *
    Tricep Rope: 3x10 [1,2,2,0] *
    One-Arm OH Tri Ext.: 3x12 [1,1,2,0]

    I haven't planned out my Back/Bis workout yet, as yesterday was my first TUT-type workout, but I'll update after I do it (possibly tonight).

  5. 22 sets seems too high volume if you ask me though. I overtraining on anything over 16 or so.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Nullifidian
    22 sets seems too high volume if you ask me though. I overtraining on anything over 16 or so.
    I don't know that I've ever overtrained and I rarely ever have gone below 18 sets / workout. This is where the "everyone is different" comes into play. UNDERTAKER asked me to post my routine, and if he copied it, and executed it, he could possibly be grossly overtrained (or may not feel a thing). You just have to take stuff and tweak it to yourself. This routine is what I walked out of the gym with yesterday, having felt like I had done the proper amount of work.


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