Ahnold's The New Encyclopedia Of Modern Bodybuilding

  1. Ahnold's The New Encyclopedia Of Modern Bodybuilding

    Is it just me or is this book insane?

    I'm reading over the basic level 1 beginner programs and he recommends training each body part twice a week. I've always heard that one is best to train once a week, so I thought, "Well maybe this is geared towards couch potatos who haven't lifted anything much heavier than a burger in a while." But after you make it to level 2, he then recommends you train every muscle 3 times a week. These aren't easy routines, as you may have guessed. Legs for example consists of 35 sets.

    I thought the "New Encyclopedia" would have changed the routines and advice somewhat from the juice days.

  2. I own this book, but not neccesarily for the work-out recommendations. It has a few good qualities, like the history of bodybuilding, the bodybuilder gallery, exercise explanations and other things. The routines aren't really that bad either if followed for a brief amount of time to bust through a plateau. Doing these for more than 6 weeks at a time would probably lead to overtraining.

  3. I love the routines in there, I did them on and off for about 4 months during my senior year in high school and gained approximately 12-13 pounds of solid muscle...and that was when I knew very little about nutrition....so go figure
    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.

  4. it's been said before but with all this scientific focus on less and less sets/reps being effective, and the call for people to cut back on their training etc etc (along with the mentzer/yates camps), I find it refreshing that a huge icon still promotes ****loads of work

    I think most people *must* modify the routines if they do not completely alter their lifestyle to the point that some of us do, but I like it because personally, low volume just hasn't worked for me...I think each bodypart twice per week for beginners is perfectly reasonable really... they won't have the feel or knowledge of their body and weights required to be able to work hard enough at once per week sessions anyway IMO.... I'm glad he still preaches some of that stuff as an alternative... just different strokes

  5. i got one myself...leave it at my work in the gym for others to share the wealth. the reason i vouch for the workouts in there being good, is because it doesnt list the number of sets one should do. so if you're smart enough (and dont be an idiot and overtrain), the workout split from beginner to advance to AS users, can benefit from the makeup of arnolds advice. But like sheesh, i read through the book more for the history and background of bodybuilding, than exercises and/or workouts. Sage

  6. When I used to train in H.S. I always did body parts 2 times a week. I learned much of my inital info from Arnolds first Encyclopedia. I have to tell you that I am really begining to believe in hitting the body parts more than once a week. I have not done so for quite awhile but I simply had better resutls.

    This was reconfirmed to me when I thought about my days in basic training. I gained so much muscle it was insane while in basic. I was, for the most part, the biggest I have ever been in my life (muscle size wise). I never lifted a weight and never took a supp while in Baisc (they don't allow any pills, etc at all and weights is not allowed in most places fear of injury). I did pushups, situps, and other body wieight excercises combined with hours and hours of cardio and I grew and looked incredible.

    At least for me, I am rediscovering, HIGH volulme is the key to really grow and make progress.

  7. I think they gonna make room for a new head on Mount Rushmore for W. The best pres since Reagan.

  8. I still enjoy the old school Arnold Encyclopedia. Keep it near the toilet. It makes for the perfect read while taking a sh*t. I would never consider one of those workout routines though.

  9. oh man..you gotta try the routines just to say you did...it really is awesome
    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.

  10. Low to Mid volume always worked best for me, I do swtich to training bodyparts twice a week but only for about 3 weeks then I go back to once per week. Like Windwords7 said it all depends on what you will respond to best.

  11. i think high volume (15 sets or so) works best for me but ONLY if i am getting enough rest and food.. once that dips down to low (either of the areas) than my body can just not heal fast enough...


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