I work in construction, can I skip cardio?

  1. I work in construction, can I skip cardio?

    I'm constantly lifting, carrying, climbing, sweating, digging, and sweating some more in this 90 degree weather 5 days a week. I guess it's like long, low intensity cardio sessions right? Just feel crapped out when I come home but still want to hit the weights and drop a few pounds this summer.

  2. If the work isn't giving you the fat loss you want then obviously you have to do cardio. It just depends on what you want and if what you're already doing is giving it to you.

  3. Don't bust your ass more than you have to.
    If he can't lose weight he needs to adjust his diet, I walk 3-5 hours a day at my job and there is no ****ing way you will see me on treadmill. EVER!

    P.S. Sex is the best cardio, **** treadmil!

  4. Yeah more cardio usually isn't the answer, better diet is.

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