What comes easiest for you?

  1. What comes easiest for you?

    I wonder what comes easiest for some members on this board? Physique transformation or strength gains?

    I ask because with out certain supplement applications, my physique is very stubborn to actually improving, yet I make great strength gains without supplementation of any kind.

    I have another question for you guys as well. Why do you use supplements?
    Like I stated before, I use supplements to aid in physique transformation because I am my physique stubbornly hangs on to its fat stores and doesn't seems to want to grow more muscles yet I have great strength gains without supplements.

  2. With the exception of a few pulling lifts (Deads, curls), strength gains have never come easily for me. I have always been really weak on my pushing work. I started out deadlifting about 225 (for reps after a month or so) and benching 115 lbs.

    I feel as though I have a significant but unusual advantage when it comes to physique transformation. I have the genes of an average endomorphic bodybuilder so I will always struggle with bodyfat. But I have an exceptional appetite and I realize that, in the long run, to maintain mass I will need to be able to eat at least 5000-6000. That is a normal day for me where I still have to exercise some control so I don't overeat. AAS are certainly one good and very efficient (saves years of work) means toward intially obtaining the physique that I plan to maintain throughout my life.

    I use supplements (mainly AAS now) for quite a few reasons. Fundamentally, I use them as a tool to achieve whatever goal I may be working toward in life and to complement other goals. Some of them I use just for general health/longevity/quality of life purposes. I initially used AAS to help partition calories and rid myself of a long-term binge eating disorder. It worked better than I could have ever planned it. I think staying physically fit and active will help me in my career and in my relationships with other people. Like it or not, in many places looks and fitness do seem to matter. In the business world, people often equate that with confidence/power/success etc.

    I also like the challenge that comes with learning from experience. I like to learn how my body reacts to various drugs/supplements, along with what works for me etc.

    And frankly, being able to step out of the bound of my own physiology and be sort of super-human is cool as all hell. It gives me the chance to achieve goals that in all likelihood could not be achieved naturally. The learning curve on super supplements is so much faster than training naturally. I learned more in one year of PH/PS/AAS use than I did in 5-10 years previous.

  3. My improvements basically go in this order: Strength->Hypertrophy---------------------------->Fat loss. I can just plain get bigger and stronger so easy it's stupid, but forget about asking my body to lose some fat. May as well ask the sun not to shine.

  4. I'm like Crowned One, I always gained muscle and strength easily but the fat comes off with a real struggle, but it's coming off none the less, just harder than those Muscle-Tech ads would have you believe

  5. At least the Muscle-Tech ads aren't as bad as this one diet pill commercial I keep seeing where the host and "actual customers" continuously reiterate: "You don't have to change or do anything...just take a pill and the pounds come off." Just terrible.

  6. Fat loss comes very easy for me. It's strength which is hard. Like Cardinal I find gains in pulling much easier than pushing. Deads, rows, chins ect. all are much better than my presses.

    I have found that for different people, certain areas will grow easier than others. I've tried all sorts of things to change that but I've come to realize this body I've got has pos. and negs. and it is finding a way to work with them and most importantly to accept them has been the biggest lesson lifting has taught me. Ironic that such an egocentric activity can teach self acceptance.

    Bah, must be the higher estrogen levels during PCT making me introspective

  7. Quote Originally Posted by TheCrownedOne
    At least the Muscle-Tech ads aren't as bad as this one diet pill commercial I keep seeing where the host and "actual customers" continuously reiterate: "You don't have to change or do anything...just take a pill and the pounds come off." Just terrible.
    Maybe they're pushing Melting Point?


  8. Its all about even for me. If I eat I gain the mass. Strong in all the lifts. I prefure lighter weights though.

  9. I can gain and lose weight with no problems, strength gains don't come as easily but to be honest I've never really trained for them. I don't see any reason to do so.


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