Can someone recommend adj. dumbbell handles to me?

  1. Can someone recommend adj. dumbbell handles to me?

    Hey guys...have a quick question.

    Due to shoulder problems I'm having to use dumbbells for a few exercises that I'd normally use a barbell (shoulder press, incline press.)

    I have the CAP Barbell 10lb plates with the 1" center hole. I've got 160 lbs. worth of these 10lb plates (along with four 5lbers and four 2 1/2 lbers.) I like these plates because they are thin...kinda like the ones you find on the already-set-up dumbbells at gyms.

    And I have the dumbbell handles with the screw on locks.

    Here's the problem...right now I'm just hitting the point where I need five 10lb. plates on each side of the dumbbell handle (making the total weight, including the handle, 105lbs.) With five 10lbers on the screw on locks only catch about one's dangerous. As soon as they roll on the floor a little bit the locks come loose and almost come off...there just really isn't enough room for that fifth plate.

    Can anyone recommend a longer dumbbell handle that can handle perhaps a few more 10 lb plates?


  2. get olypmic dumbell handles.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Jstrong20
    get olypmic dumbell handles.
    And I guess you are meaning for me to use bigger than 10 lb. weights with the dumbbells to save space?

    Never thought of that seeingashow the dumbbells at the gyms are always standard size.

  4. YEah, all i would do is just slap those 45's on ' It would be kinda akward though...i was gonna buy a pair of olympic handles before, but I wasn't sure how they'd feel with the larger plates.

    has anybody else tried using hte handles with 35lb.+ plates?

  5. thanks for the replies.

    I just found and they have 18" dumbbell handles. The picture shows five 10lb. plates on each side with room to spare (could probably fit six.) That would be 125 lb.s total weight...and if I ever get to use that much weight I'll just have to revisit the issue again.

    they are cheap, too. like ten bucks each.



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