1. biceps

    what would you guys say that the best exercise is for your outter biceps?

  2. lay back in an incline bench and have your arms at 45 degrees to your body. Do curls like this.

    crucifix cable curls.....without handles. Grab onto the balls and do hammer curls to the back of your head. Be sure to pause for 2 seconds at the top.

    Super set the above two for some real fun

  3. hammers. my preferred variation is preachers with a neutral-hammer grip (isolated). But really any hammer grip

  4. I prefer hammer curls or close grip preacher curls with a cambered dar.

  5. I dont think you can sucessfully target your inner more than your outer, or vice versa...I would stick with the conventional barbell curls, dumbbell, hammer...etc...

  6. hammer time


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