Poll: What time of day do you usually train?

What time of day do you train?

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  1. What time of day do you train?

    I usually train late at night (get to the gym around 9:30pm), but Im really thinking about making an effort to go at 6am. I really need to be there 4-5 days a week to meet my goals, but I always endup missing a day. Either because Im freakin' exhausted after work or because whenever I workout late I want to stay up until 2am.

  2. You overlooked the Very Early Morning...3:45-4:45AM.

    Damn, that means I should be sleeping right now instead of posting

  3. I work out late at night, also.

    Just finished up. No all night gyms around where I live and after work I've got to finish up some stuff at home before I work out. Built up a gym down stairs and work out in the evenings.


  4. Right when I get off work.. so around 6:30PM on lifting days. Cardio in the mornings.

  5. Usually early nights... 4-6pm or so. Work early in the day, my nap in the afternoon , then I usually train. Also, i tend to have the most energy during that time.

  6. 7:30-9:30 for me. Cardio after training.

  7. I train from 10pm-3am. Depends on what im doing.

  8. 4:00-4:30pm faithfully....... Just like clock work.

  9. All different times. I work 2 part time jobs so my schedule is different everyday. Luckily one of the jobs is at a gym

  10. Usually when I wake up - 9:00-10:00 a.m.

  11. Wife + 2 children + busy job = 5am workouts

  12. 11:30 every morning followed by glorious cardio...

  13. 5 a.m. workouts rule! I've tried working out all hours of the day
    over the past ten years. Two years ago I started working out
    at 5 am due to work and I have been hooked on that time ever

  14. You haven't lived until you deadlift at 5am in the morning.

  15. My training varies from day to day. Most days I try"to get up and do my cardio in the morning and like to lift weights/train at night. Depending on my work schedule and how I feel I will do my lifting in the morning and call it a day.

  16. I've always loved training between the hrs of 12-3 pm. I'm currently have to train after work at 8:30 a.m. I'm on morning watch and tried to train when I woke in the evening. That didn't fly whatsoever.

  17. Weekends between 9am -11:00am
    Weekdays after work 5:30pm - 7:30pm

  18. ugh..I can't believe some of you guys are doing cardio right after weights...after training, all I wanna do is laydown with my thumb in my mouth...and that's AFTER I vomit up 3 buckets of blood...lol.

    I always try to train an hour or two after my first meal...I've seen my best results that way...but some days are kinda hectic so then I just get it in whenever I can. Cardio is always done on non-wo days and usually first thing in the morning on empty stomach on weekends...

  19. I usually train around 5:30pm. I do cardio in the morning when I am off of work and after workouts when I cant do it in the morning.

  20. Usually late since not too many people are working out.

  21. I am self-employed so I pretty much decide when I go to the gym. After experimenting, I must say that early afternoon, right around 2 PM is what works best for me. I recently read a study that says that is the time of day when you should be weakest. Oh well.

    Seriously, I must admit to being somewhat baffled by your stating you train in the early hours. I mean, I feel I MUST have a real meal in me and 90 minutes minimum digestion time after that before I start doing anything. And 2 meals + 90 minutes is what works best for me. How do you do it? 120 minutes before 5AM, that's 3AM that's the time I would have to get up at, in order to hit the gym at 5AM.

  22. I stop on the way home from work....actual workout time is around 4:30-5:30pm

  23. 6 am every morning! Thought this was an interesting read for the topic!

    Time of day and CNS
    Lifters that don’t understand, or downplay the importance of full CNS capacity are often trainees that have a tough time with overall progress. Simply put, if your mind cannot send a STRONG signal to the neural net and the motor units, you just will not lift to your capacity. Like anything else related to the body, CNS capacity is a finite thing, and there are limits to what you can do, how hard you can do it, and the frequency of time it will take you to recover from it. Without going into all the factors involved, I’m going to address one simple aspect of CNS “firing? capacity--time of day.

    There are many neurotransmitters and various metabolic systems that determine CNS capacity as it applies to weight training. You likely know many “morning people?, as well as “vampires?. Some of this has to do with personality of course, but much of it is also related to levels of neurotransmitters. Some people start the day firing on all cylinders at full power, and others need a warm-up. Some a LONG warm-up.

    As a trainer, I frequently get calls by clients that are dismayed by a bad days lifting performance after changing their lifting session time by a large time-span. The most typical is an afternoon or evening trainer that has to do an early morning session because of job or family requirements. Often performance is HORRIBLE. And I speak from experience on this one because I can only be described as a vampire. I wake up SLOW, and it takes a couple hours for me to feel totally awake, and me trying to lift before I have been awake at LEAST 4-5 hours is just a waste of time. For me, the longer I have been awake the better the session usually is. For others, once they are awake, or past a certain time threshold, more time doesn’t make any difference in performance.

    On the other end of the spectrum are the “morning? guys. I train a lot of lifters that get right up and are in the gym 45 minutes to an hour or so after waking, and do spectacular. CNS is at a peak for these guys in the morning, and they capitalize on it.

    Though most of you are locked into when you can train because of work and family obligations, it will pay off for the ones that have options to find the best time of the day to hit the gym and be at full capacity. And if you are forced into flopping your schedule for a time, especially to an early morning schedule, don’t be surprised if you do less than anticipated.

    Iron Addict

  24. I workout at 9:30am because that when my energy level is the highest and I have to say that when my sex drive is at it highest. When I combine my energy and sex drive together, it produce a powerful workout for me and that what I need to conquer the weights.

  25. Late mornings always worked best in terms of energy and times of least activity at most gyms Ive been to, waiting for a machine or station can screw up the momentum of a good workout.


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