only training in a park??

  1. only training in a park??

    Ok so I moved out of the parents this past week, and am trying to trim some fat off my expenses. I was thinking about cancelling the gym membership (54/month). There is a huge park around the corner from me with really good trails to run, and a large selection of the "fitness equipment". I've been skipping the gym the past two days, and running there and hitting some of the uquipment. Mainly I have been doing pull ups, chin ups, dips, pushups. Obviously I would like to incorporate weights in there. I have dumbells, and can get a belt to put a plate on for the dips and chins etc.

    Would you guys think I could get decent workouts just using the park and what little equipment I have? Personally I think it is possible, and would save me some loot. At this point in time I'm not trying to be HUGE really anymore, like BB'er size, being 5'7" I'd be happy at like 180 8% or so bf..which I think i can maintain just doing the crosstraining/circuit stuff.



  2. I think you'll be fine. I guess as long as your content with it, I don't see any problem in doing it. Just figure out a way to work your legs in there too. Bodyweight squats and lungs. Maybe get some resisitance and pull/sprint with it behind you (ie parachute, sled). Make like a strongman and fill some sandbags and do some farmers walks or you can get some buckets and do the same thing. Find some big rocks and deadlift and throw them. Make your own workout equipment. Have some fun with it. The possibilities are endless.

  3. what about rainy days, winter etc. If you can do it great. To me it sounds like you might start missing alot and we all know what happens when workouts become irregular. I shouldn't have to say the outcome for most. But yes if you aren't looking to get freaky huge or anything you will probably be fine. Just stay motivated bro!

  4. Bump on what the other guys said. You'd be amazed at how much can be accomplished with minimal equipment and maximal dedication and creativity.

    Another option is to see if there are any of those 24hr bull**** franchise gyms in your area.Most of those will sign you up for as little as $10 to $20 / month.

  5. I don't plan on being broke for that I do plan on getting some equipment in the apt. We are subletting for 3 months, then moving somewhere for a yearly lease. The place we rent for a year, I plan on getting some equipment.

    I can do the leg stuff in my place now. I have dumbells and a straight bar, I think with 150 pounds or more weight. Not much, but decent for lunges.

    I will train Rocky Balboa style..

  6. ****, get a sandbag like nate said. You can do explosive lifts with it, throws, etc. and it works your core and grip like crazy. I got a 32 liter 'dry bag' like these for around $17 at an outdoor store to use when I went to the beach last week. I filled it with wet sand and did 4 full body workouts (cleans, throws, presses, squats, farmer walks) while I was on the coast. Now that I'm back at the gym this week, I can tell that my core and grip are stronger. I'm going to work the sandbag in permanently now. The sealine bags are waterproof and easy and quick to open and close. I'm thinking about getting a larger one - the 32 liter only holds around 150lbs. of wet sand, but it's enough for me for now. The only thing I don't like is that one end has a closure that kind of makes a handle, and the other is circular - if you have the time/patience, a canvas duffel may be better. Here are a couple of links to sandbag training: (this guy also has good GPP/endurance and BW workouts) - making your own bag. - a section on sandbags here.

  7. awesome post..those sand bags look great! I think I could get a full body workout in easily, would be awesome for first thing in the morning before work.

  8. lol sand bags... personally i could not properly train (and push myself) without a squat rack and a huge set of dumbbells. if it were me i'd find the cheapest gym around and get a membership.

  9. If I had access to free equipment, no matter how simple, I'd end up missing the money more than the better gym equipment and choose the park for as long as possible.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by TheCrownedOne
    If I had access to free equipment, no matter how simple, I'd end up missing the money more than the better gym equipment and choose the park for as long as possible.

    thats what i mean , it isn't forever..and as its not like im squatting 900 pounds or something anyway.

    150 pound sand bag for 20 bucks or so sounds good to me, could be good for some volume training

  11. I've filled/carried several thousand sand bags in my time. That's a workout in and of itself.

  12. Holy crap @ 54/Mo. for your membership! I train at one of the most hardcore gyms in the area for 20/Mo. Regardless I can certainly understand your situation and I have two suggestions.

    1. Do sprints. I started doing them recently and noticed a pretty decent body recomp effect looking in the mirror. I recently started using ankle and wrist weights but can't really say yet whether that has helped at all. Loki made a pretty good case for them in M&M:****21****25

    I have to say that I never really gave sprinting much thought until I read those articles and upon including them in my training I noticed that not only did I lose fat much easier than doing low intensity cardio, but oddly enough I looked bigger. This wasn't just something I noticed but something my friends and gf noticed as well. For anecdotal evidence just look around and youll notice that some of the most ripped atheletes are sprinters. Best of all you can do sprints without paying a gym membership fee.

    2. Be creative and use whatever you can in the meantime to add resistance to your excercises. Back before I had my gym membership I used to curl buckets or milk jugs full of water. You can use the same for lunges, or carry a couple bags of mulch or wet sand on your back. Honestly there arent too many muscle groups you cant work without a gym. The most difficult would be hamstrings. If your park is anything like the one by my house though it will have some equipment you can use for this purpose - if you have to just kick the kiddies off and do hyperextensions on the monkeybars. Really you just gotta be creative and stay motivated and the rest will fall into place. Good luck man.


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