muscle group combinations

  1. muscle group combinations

    Im new to the forum, just started getting back into bodybuilding recently. I was at one time very serious and then took some time off, but I am back. I have a general question about hitting muscle groups. I have always been under the impression that it was good to do such muscles as chest/tris on the same day, back/bis on the same day since the respective arm muscles are being hit during the other excercises already. But now im thinking, I probably do get to work those muscles individually as hard as I would like to cause they are already fatigued. What would you guys reccommend?

  2. I am using a 3 day split with bi's/tri's - legs/shoulders - Chest/Back.

    I like using this so far because I feel I get huge pumps in the same area... the blood is contained in the same area except on Leg/Shoulder days and I would split these but don't have time. I like having my bi's fresh for heavy back work too.. and vise versa.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by JonesersRX7
    I am using a 3 day split with bi's/tri's - legs/shoulders - Chest/Back.
    If this is working for you, more power to you, but I always seperate large muscle groups (legs, chest, back). I could never do my leg workout and then go hit shoulders.

    I used to always do the classic 3-day split of back/bi, chest/tri, legs. Recently I've added volume and have been hitting the gym more often. There really is no right or wrong way IMO, as long as you're not over-working the muscle.

  4. Right now I am using a 6 day split (this does not mean I workout 6 times a week). I plan on going every day, but I can take a day off whenever I don't feel like going.

    Day 1: Back
    Day 2: Quads
    Day 3: Chest
    Day 4: Arms
    Day 5: Hamstrings
    Day 6: Shoulders

    One of my off days usually fall in between my chest and arm days, and my shoulder and back days. I usually work calves 2-3 times a week.

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