Can abs be worked on everyday?

  1. Can abs be worked on everyday?

    Can abs be worked on everyday? if so home many mins should one work out abs?

  2. They're just like any other muscle. If you're talking about using weights, then I'd say no.

  3. I don't even do abs that much and they still grow. I would say once a week because you get abs in every time you workout since it is a core muscle.

  4. I leave at least a 24 time period in between weights or no weights...if they are too sore don't do said before its also a core muscle so u are always using them

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Changing
    Can abs be worked on everyday? if so home many mins should one work out abs?
    Can they yes, should they No.

  6. I do mine about 2-3 times per week
    Haven't had any problems. There as hard as nails covered with some fat :-D

  7. I would go so far as to say minimize your ab training. If you're using decent weight you'll work them plenty on a lot of other excercises just by maintaining proper form. Good abs come mostly from diet anyway... unless you plan on using the ab-abber 2000


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