Proper benching technique

  1. Proper benching technique

    I have read a thread and it was said that most people do not bench press properly. I have always used slow movement, none of the jerking and thrusting most use. Whats the verdict?

  2. for strength? Got a couple of powerlifters benching over 500 raw and a bodybuilder tryin to achieve his pro card at my gym that raw can rep 550. They all keep their hands a little more than shoulders width apart. Bring your feet in close to the bench your legs spread moderately wide to keep you stabilized. Now before you even take the bar off the rack position your hands thumbs underneath the bar not around w/ the bar directly over your wrist. Tighten your traps and lats totally squeezed. Arch your back and keep your ass down. Now unrack and start to lower the bar keeping your elbows IN. This will be a little uncomfortable the first couple of times so start light. Bring down to about your nipple and then explode straight up. Flare your lats out on the way up and squeeze your damn pecs. It will work for strength and size. Yes it incorporates tri's and your front delt. Strict form and warm rotator cuffs will help. I was skeptical until alot of friends changed form and make drastic strength and size gains. I recently started this method and the improvement is drastic. If you don't like it don't do it. This is just my 2 cents. I don't really know what others think so if you want to know Delgros do a search.

  3. don't forget to squeeze your shoulder blades together as well.

  4. forgot to say that I totally agree thanks hypo

  5. no prob. Hey maxrot-98, are you sure about that false grip? I find that I can bench a little more with the false grip (thumb in line with other fingers), but I have also seen dudes drop the BB on their chest using that grip!

    Using a traditional grip, my hand gets a little sore though. Nevertheless, BB bench is about the only exercise I ask for a spot with! Just make sure to keep it 100% controlled while using that false grip.

  6. Talking

    I am aware that this grip does pose a threat to dropping the barbell. But I personally feel a hell of a lot stronger with this grip and I also would rather take the risk. Not every guy I know does it this way but to each his own.. IMO always do what is best for you.. I have seen a guy drop a bb on his chest too and dude was hurtin for awhile but he was alright. To be safe I as well use a spotter. If you feel stronger hypo than keep doin it. Just chalk up the bar an don't ever make any real fast movements or adjustments with your wrists. Hope it works well for ya and if I drop the bar on me you'll be the first here at AM to know. lol..


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