Is this a waist of time or a good idea..... In the past year I've been doing a
three month bulk cycle, then a one month cut cycle. I've done this three times
this past year and it seems to be working fine...... It seems I can put on 10-12 lbs. in the
three month bulk cycle (eating 6-7 large, some what clean meals a day ) and after cutting I can keep on 4-6 lbs. of lean muscle mass... During my bulk cycle my ab's will just about disappear at the end of the three months... Then I will cut till they come back looking good if not better than they did. I'm just wondering if anyone else tried this.... I've also done two Ph cycles during the year. (LMR's Nandrotest)..... I will be starting a SD/4-ad cycle once my cut cycle is over, in two weeks.