A Real Pain In The Ass

  1. A Real Pain In The Ass

    Mods please feel free to move my post if it is in the wrong place I didnot see an injury forum. I had originally posted this over on Avant and have not received any feed back yet.

    Wednesday night when I woke up and got out of bed I had this instant sharp pain stabbing me me in my lower back/ glute area on my left side. The pain was so bad I fell into the floor and could not straighten up. I litterally felt like I was going to die I was in so much pain. Thursday morning my father had to come by and dress me to get me to the doctor because I was totally debilitated. I got to my doctor's office which I have a M.D. and a chiropractor/ART provider. The doc gave me a script for 10mg loratabs, Soma (muscle relaxant), and a methlpredisolone pack. While I was in the office they iced me and gave me a local IM. My doc and chiropractor asked me what in tis world have you done to your back? I stated I had no clue I woke up in this condition. I did not have any complaints of lower back pain earlier in the day on Wednesday only upper / middle back pian I was having in my right trap. I have been icing since Friday 20 minutes on the hour and can actually walk now. The pain seems to be coming from my left glute almost where you would get an IM injection in the left rear pocket area. I can apply pressure to the area when I getting up from a sittng position and it great reduses the pain. I'm totally confused here.... Do I have a glute injury causing my glute / low back to hurt or is it my lower back the source of the pain? I can feel a spot in my upper left glute that feels almost like knotted tight muscle tissue where I feel the pain coming from.

    Anyone have or had this type condition? The pain is staying local and not travelling further down my left leg.

  2. Have you been doing cardio lately? It sounds like it could be sciatica, a common runner's injury. This may be helpful: http://www.runnersworld.com/article/...-0-429,00.html

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Beowulf
    Have you been doing cardio lately? It sounds like it could be sciatica, a common runner's injury. This may be helpful: http://www.runnersworld.com/article/...-0-429,00.html
    I do not run except when I'm in a foot chase with a perp or my wife yells "Honey My water had broke" I typically walk on the treadmill or do the elliptical. The pain is not spreading down my leg. The pain is staying local to my low back and upper left glute. I am clueless how I got out of bed and had this condition without working out beforehand.

  4. I had something very similar to this happen last summer. I had been doing lots of heavy leg work, and it just so happened that during this same time period during working on the farm I was moving lots of heavy fence posts building fence and working on heavy machinery. Overall what happened my back just became really tore down from all the heavy lifting/work and got super tight. It hurt in my very lower back and upper glutes. When it hit me the worse, I was at a funeral, and right when it was over I could hardly stand up it hurt so bad, let alone walk to the car. I stood around for about 15 minutes and slowly walked my way to the car in alot of pain. The doc gave me vioxx for the pain which helped, and I layed off of legs for several weeks which helped my back recover. I dont know if this is the same as your case, but I just strained my lower back and it just basically knotted up and kind of locked up.

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