All Fish Diet/ leg days

  1. All Fish Diet/ leg days

    So I've been dieting since January and have not lost any weight. I took trimax and lost 5 lbs while seriously cutting calories and working out hardcore. I got off of it for a month and gained everything and then some back. I guess the past 2 weeks I was depressed and ate really bad...and I feel like I'm losing motivation. My next idea to lose weight is to eat an all fish diet. Is this realistic to lost weight and keep it off? Apparently everything else doesn't work for me.

    Also...I have a big booty for a girl (along with big legs in general)...I never really minded having big legs, I enjoy toning them and lifting...but I'm wondering if this is a bad idea for my big butt. It's not solid muscle, and it's the only part of my body that I REALLY want to lose fat at. What should i do? SHould i stop doing squats and focus only on cardio and lifing only on uperbody days?

  2. As far as the dieting goes, if you have not lost any weight since Jan, something is wrong. Losing fat is a long, slow process and Tri-max and hardcore dieting isn't necessary if you're doing things right. Fish is an excellent source of protein and fats, but I wouldn't recommend an "ALL fish diet."

    I would never recommend not training legs. Not to be rude, but I'd be willing to bet that once you lose a little more fat, you'd be surprised to see that your butt probably isn't as big as you think. Thats what happened to me anyways.

    Or you could just ignore all my advice and hire Bobo.

  3. I had a sluggish thyroid 2 years ago (still think I do), but since then my thyroid hasn't tested hypo so my doctor won't perscribe enough medication for me...but I think that's why I can't lose anything. I spend 6 days a week in the gym, I've tried different types of cardio (morning, HIIT, low intensity, etc), strict diething...and nothing. I'm so depressed right now, all I want is to lose 20 lbs and it's not happening...and it's not like there's not weight to be lost, I could probably lose 30 lbs, but 20 would be enough for me.

  4. Maybe talk to your doctor more about your situation and how you'd like to lose weight. Just out of curiousity what type of diet have you been on (% protein/fat/carbs)?

    Keep your head up!!

  5. I think you need to eat more, "tighten up" what you ARE eating, and be more active in general. Lots and lots of low intensity cardio, ephedrine and caffiene, lots of protein, and don't friggin starve yourself, chicks always starve themselves and complain when they can't lose weight... You aren't going to lose **** if you starve yourself.

  6. Dietrying, I was on 50/30/20. 1200 calories was my daily goal...i could possibly kick that up just a tad but, but then I feel like I'm eating too much.

  7. 6 days a week of cardio, only about 90g of protein a day, and only 1200 calories a day. Your problem is friggin obvious, it's the same problem every damned girl I've ever met has when they diet.

    EAT MORE. I'm friggin serious. Your protein should be up at about 160g/day. Go to and create a profile there, enter in all your measurements to get a bodyfat percentage (they're actually pretty close) and come back to tell me what your BMR and calculated daily calorie requirements with activity factored in are. I wouldn't be surprised if you are eating 1000 calories below maintenance or more.

    I'm guessing just off the top of my head that you should be getting at least 1600 calories a day.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by exnihilo
    Go to and create a profile there, enter in all your measurements to get a bodyfat percentage (they're actually pretty close) and come back to tell me what your BMR and calculated daily calorie requirements with activity factored in are.
    OK, just finished creating my profile here's what it gave me:

    Total Weight: 170.06lbs
    Lean Body Mass: 142.56lbs
    Fat Mass: 27.5 lbs

    Resting Metabolic Rate 1769 cals/day
    Lifestyle Calories 353 cals/day
    Total Daily Calories: 2122 cals/day

  9. Lifestyle calories only 353? I'm fairly sure you picked low activity, you should have picked moderate or high given your exercise schedule Like I said, you should be getting AT LEAST 1600 calories a day. I'd bump your protein intake to 160g/day and supplement with ~10g of fish oil a day. That would be the BARE MINIMUM IMO.

    You need to post your diet and training if you're going to get any serious fine tuning going on. I'm sure there are plenty of changes that could be made to improve things. Once your diet and training are in order you can get a few supps to help you out too...

    Also, you probably adjusted the way you measured (loose on certain measurements, too tight on others) because even if you're 5'10" and kind of stocky I doubt your lean body mass is 142lbs, probably more like ~130 tops


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