Training Headaches

  1. Training Headaches

    Does anybody else experience headaches when training from time to time? Last night I was finishing my last set of squats (I end w/a 20-rep set), and the second I racked the weight I got hit with what was one of the worst headaches I've ever experienced originating from the top/rear of my head. I let the pain subside and finished my training, which was probably not too smart, but once the pain subsided any pain that came back was bearable.

    Today I hit chest, and after I racked the bar after a set of inclines it hit again, this time not as intense. But once it subsided this time it did not come back. Anybody else experience this?

  2. I have had it before, almost exactly as you described. I was never able to exactly tell but it seemed to me like a spike in blood pressure.

  3. I know exactly what your talking about. It is usually caused by the blood vessels in your neck being constricted. Dont know why it happens and neither does my doctor but whenever I get them I look at a point about two feet away and kind of daze out and they go away pretty quickly. The whole dazing out thing is to help the muscles relax. The pain is hell though. Hope this helps

  4. i had something that sounded kinda like this a long time ago, in my first year of lifting. it happened to me because i tweaked my back during some power cleans, i went to a chiropractor, and after about 3 visits, i was back to normal. dont know if its the same thing u guys r experiencing, but u might wanna look into it.

  5. good advice drfly, for some reason I never mentioned it while at my chiro's office I'll definitely do that next time


  6. I don't get these as intensely as you describe, but it usually happens when I tense up during a set and contract my neck muscles and/or drive my head into the bench. When I consciously relax during the set it generally doesn't happen.


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