Injury Question ( Forearm)

  1. Injury Question ( Forearm)

    Didn't know where to post this, feel free to move it.

    I sent a PM to YJ about an injury i had to see what he had to say about it. He replied, which helped a lot.
    So i thought i would post my queston and his reply just to see what all you other guys thought.

    please reply if you agree/disagree with YJ's response or if you have the same prob and went to the docs--tell what the doc said and how you deal with it.

    THx a lot. Here is the question:

    "in december i stopped lifting for 3 reasons

    1: finals for school
    2: to get fat over the holidays
    3: because i was beginning to get REALLY sharp shooting pains down the medial ( side that is nearest the waist with palms facing forward) side of my left forearm.

    I thought the pain would be gone by the time i started lifting agin after xmas. I just started up again ( had completely forgotten about the injury) and about a week into lifting it has come back FULL BLOWN!

    THis pain would only occure when i would use my elbow as a pivot to lift a weight. Eg/ bicep curls and not lets say bench press.

    the pain starts about an inch from the elbow to about an inch and a half from the wrist and only REALLY starts to hurt when i'm releasing the weight after i'm done the exercise.-------it is extreamly painful.

    I asked a trainer at the gym, and he said it may be a pinched nerve, but its not showing signs of slowing down.
    Do you think it might be a hairline fracture?...i doubt it

    anyway, just wanted to know if youve had this before, or know what it is.
    Im gonna make an appt with the doc in about a week.


    Here was YJ's response:

    "Pinched nerve? Holy ****, he must be ISSA certified.

    What you have is one of 2 things are 1 is pretty common among lifters, the other not so common. 1. could be a medial radial stress fracture (like shin slints). These arent full blow fractures (trust me, you'd know if it were full blown fractured) but these are painful as hell, but more annoying than anything. And fighting through the pain isnt the best cure. The stronger you get, they more they'll fade.

    The second could be an irritated inerosis (Can never spell that) membrane. This is the membrane between the ulna and radius and I actually had this. I work a tight wrost ban about 3/4 the way of my forearm to release the pressure.

    Both of these suck to be honest. You can try icing them when they hurt, heat when you're done or when theyre not so painful, and NSAIDs will relieve the pain (but potentially block protein sysnthesis, so you must be careful). Things like ibuprofen, etc.

    Hope all gets way man, I know what you mean and they suck, especially during bicep curls and deadlifts.....stick in there..."

    hope i didn't miss anything THx for listining.

  2. I had the same problem except I had the pain constantly and I started getting tingling in my fingers. I wore a wrist strap on my forearm, such as YJ mentioned, and it was immediate relief. After a couple of months it subside all together and hasnt bothered me since. My suggestion would be to go to a doctor, seems like you already are so good luck. Hope it heals quick

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