depletion workout?

  1. depletion workout?

    What does that mean? I read someone mention it no carbs and do depletion workouts.

    what is this they speak of? lol



  2. i just did one today (i'm in the midst of a practice week) .. its basically using low weights and very high reps .. the goal is to deplete the muscle of all glycogen stores without really breaking down the muscle all that much

  3. how many reps are we talking here? I am also interested in this, since I have been looking into cutting diets and training to go with it.
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    Hey, it may have been a post I posted for the dude who wanted to get a tight look for Memorial Day Weekend. Glen was correct in his description, by depleting the muscles of glycogen you lose a lot of the water within the muscle, but when you decide to carb load your muscles will be more sensitive and take up the carbs, giving you the dry yet full looking muscles we all want. This is what Bodybuilders mean when they "spill over" or are "flat". Depletion workouts are used in the UD2 workout and I am currently using a similar program.

  5. so how many reps? Like 25 or more?? What % of 1 rm would u say?

    All body parts?

    where can i get info on the UD2?? my search returned nothing...

  6. hamper19, you could buy the book. It is available at many online stores. Here is a Q&A article about the book:****129

    I'd say keep the reps 15-20 and low % 1rm. Yeah, all body parts.

  7. Thanks Clint


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