What to do for abs?

  1. What to do for abs?

    I'm currently bulking with anadrol50, human grade test350, deca300, and prop100 eod and weigh 175 and have 8.6% body fat according to the skin caliber (just to give you an idea of my situation). My obliques are getting too big and I need to learn how to get my abs ripped out again. I think water retention has a lot to do with it. Anyway, my abs are sticking out as far as my chest and I want them to go in and rip out, but every time I work them out, they just get big. I am a master of nutrition, so that is hardly a factor. Any reccommendations?

  2. cardio ... i'm sure you're very bloated with test, deca, and drol and that's not helping the situation

  3. Sorry to get off the subject....Glenihan, how long have you been lifting? By the looks of your avitar, you've been doing it a few years. Have you been stright out since you started? Just trying to figure out how long it would take someone to accomplish what you have done.

  4. ok ill probably do 20 minutes of cardio 5 days a week or so running slowly and trying to keep my blood pressure below 140 to burn fat instead of muscle. Should I discontinue my ab workout since my abs are getting huge and not ripped?

  5. What kinda resistance are you using?

    I know when I do weighted situps or cable crunches I can get some thick bricks.

  6. I do incline situps with a 35 on my chest, 5 sets of 10, then do 3 sets of 30 flat crunches

  7. So you just need your abs to get smaller to put them into proportion? I would agree bloat is probably to blame if they stick out as far as your chest, with your 8.6% bodyfat. Personally, I would just live with it then reevaluate when you're done with your cycle/PCT.

    You could always try the "vacuum" ab exercise, where you exhale all air, then suck in your abs as hard as you can and hold for a few seconds each rep. This supposedly helps to pull in your abs or at least helps your ability to pull them in when posing.

  8. Work on your transverse abdominals (the ones underneath the 6 pack) And as they stated above bloat plays a role here.


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