1. Tanning

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum but I didn't know where to post this ; especially when searches for tanning came up empty everywhere.

    With the weather still pretty cool right now for this time in mid-May I am considering going to a tanning salon to at least get a jump on a decent tan.

    I've never used one but I know there are different types , good and bad , etc and usually the part-timers working there are just collecting a paycheck don't know ****.

    So anyone here familiar with them as far as type to seek or avoid , certain chains that are the best to use until the real sun comes out ?

    Any help would be appreciated ....

  2. I don't really know which are bad, but I go to Premiere down here in AL (where it's 91 degrees outside ) and their VIP service is a good deal. It charges you $26 a month, but you can pause it anytime to avoid being billed in case you need to. So if there's a Premiere where you live then that's not a bad choice. You don't really need to use their more expensive "bronzer" beds as they'll try to get you to. They're just more powerful so you spend less time (like 5 minutes less) to get the same results as the 20 minute beds. Also, anybody who tries to get you to use tanning creams and sun-less tanners are misleading you as the dihydroxyacetone in them (which is what causes you to "tan") causes DNA damage just like beds and the sun do.

  3. Thanks for the tip on Premier ... I don't know if there is one here or not.

    I know there are different bulbs and beds that probably aren't directly linked exclusively to one chain , etc. so I'm wondering if someone can tell me which type of bed , etc to look for when I'm looking for a place.

    I just remember reading about some tanning beds being a waste of time as results aren't great and something about asking how often the bulbs are being changed, etc.

    Of course I didn't pay attention then as I didn't need one at the time but wish I would have listened ... because you know everyone I will go into will talk their place up as being the best in town and knowing nothing about it, will get sucked right in.

  4. i prefer the stand up booths if only because they are quicker and typically have higher quality bulbs ... they certainly aren't a waste of time .. i went today and i'm already toasty bronze

  5. if you burn easily or want to try to cut down on the amount of damage to your skin, then try to use a high pressure bed that has bulbs that are 98% uvb free. most salons offer at least one or two beds like this. they are actually safer for you than the natural sun, and the tan lasts longer than from the regular beds because it's much deeper. as for lotion,you don't need anything with a bronzer in it, although most tanning lotions these days have them anyway. but do use some type of lotion. you will tan up much quicker, and your skin will look a lot healthier this way. also, to avoid getting white spots on your pressure points (your back and tailbone), try to flip over for the last 2 or 3 minutes every time you tan. good luck bro.

  6. Thanks, that was what I was looking for. I'm Italian and darker skinned anyway so don't burn easily at all , but of course wanted something that really worked as I know the ones in Gold's are **** - I see people coming in out of those for weeks and look as white as when they started.

    I stopped in a 'TAN-U' place yesterday that is next to the Gold's I go to an picked up a brochure . I see in this particular place the high pressure beds with the 'long wave' RVA bulbs is called 'Ultrabronz', are the most expensive and of course work the quickest.

    Here's the confusion I was expecting , though in these places : The stand up beds in this place that Glenihan mentioned and prefers are equipped with what they call 'SMART' bulbs and are supposedly equipped with 40 all 160 watt UVB, yet say they are three different strengths for the legs, torso and head. How can they all be 160 watts yet 'three difference strengths' ?

    Of course the high school kids they have running the place don't know what is what , LOL.

  7. perhaps the bulbs are coated in sections where lower UV is needed?

  8. I I ened up signing up for 75 minutes in the stand up beds for $30.00

    Yesterday was horrible weather ; cold, windy and non-stop rain so I couldn't resist signing up for something that resembled the sun.

    I'll see how it works soon enough, I guess ...

  9. ****, I went tanning yesterday... It was free. And I got to kayak around and ride waves at the same time. What an awesome deal

  10. last time I got sun was on jet ski's...it ended with my fiance driving and flipping herself and I off of the damn thing and left her with a shattered kneecap and torn patellar tendon leading to major surgery etc

    3-6 months recovery just for some sun and fun, what a day that was.


  11. women drivers! (j/k... kinda)

  12. yeah... Man they operate machinery with such poor coordination and such worry.. It's dangerous.


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