help with lifting split and knee injury

  1. help with lifting split and knee injury

    I usually hit one body part per week. Any more for me is usually too much. Although, im going to try hitting 2x/week because i had acl surgery and i need to do legs 2x/week. Im also on a ph cycle so more volume may benefit.
    Im trying a new program, and it seems to be kickin my ass but not in a good way..may be too much. Please give me some input.
    Im training for size and strength (for football). I try to run every other day as well so i may need to lift 3x/week rather than 4 which makes hitting legs 2x/week difficult.

    Bench press- 4x6-8
    Incline DB- 3x6-8
    Close grip- 3x6-8
    Db arnold sho press-3x6-8
    DB Lateral Raise- 3x8
    Weighted dips- 3xfailure
    Incline Tri Ext Machine- 3x6-8

    Tuesday (this workout took forever today, too much i think)
    Power clean- 4x6-8
    Squat- 3x6-8
    Leg Ext- 3x8-10
    Leg Curl- 3x8-10
    Long Bar Row- 4x6-8
    Lat Pulldown- 3x8
    1arm row- 3x8-6
    Long bar curl- 3x6-8
    Seated hammer curl- 3x8-10

    Military press 3x6-8
    Incline Bench 3x6-8
    DB flat bench 3x6-8
    Machine Sho press 3x6-8
    Rear Delt raise 3x8
    Skulls 3x8
    Cable ext 3x8

    Dead lift 3x6-8
    Lunges 3x8
    SLDL 3x8 (or 1 leg leg press?)
    Pull Ups 3xfailure
    Vbar Row 3x6-8
    Reverse Flye 3x8
    Incline Db Curl 3x8
    Preacher 3-6-8

    Any thoughts? This is basically the football teams program.

    fyi: I know arms arent that important in sport, but id really like to increase my arm size. They never grow.

    Thanks to all.


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