Unusual muscle aches

  1. Unusual muscle aches

    Here as of late, I have been experiencing some pretty nasty muscle aches, but more specifically, these occur on my chest/tri days, and these are definately not the same kind of aches caused by a "pump". Just to fill you in, I recently completed a 3 week cycle of superdrol, the first two weeks at 10mg, and the last at 20 mg. Now the first time I noticed these aches was last monday, the very last day of my superdrol cycle. I started my workout with a warmup on bench, and then after about two more sets, I started feeling this deep ache in my arms only, like I had been throwing the football around for 4 hours nonstop. I waited for about 10-15 minutes and the ache didn't die down, and consequently ruined the rest of my workout that day due to the fact that my arms felt like jello. The rest of the week was fine, no aches of any kind during back or leg workouts, and suprisingly, even on days that I worked my bi's, I didn't experience these aches. However, the next time I did my chest day, the aches came back, just like the first time. Anyways, I'm running rebound for pct, complemented with lean xtreme. Any help on this situation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again!

  2. I've got the same problem too. Maybe somebody has an answer.

  3. I know you guys have been working out a lot longer than I have, but when was the last time you took a week off?..... I was having shoulder pain after 4 months of full blown working out 3-4 days a week without a brake.... Took a week off about three weeks ago and been working out since....now I feel fine.... Anyway, this is just my own opinion. I could be way off the problem you guys are having.

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