double splits

  1. double splits

    What's everyone's opinions on doing double splits. Right now i'm doing a push/pull/legs routine and i'm splitting the push and pull days. I know twin peak is a big advocate so please chime in. I would also like to hear what bobo along w/everyone else has to say on the topic.

    For me recently i've been so busy that i've had to split up my workouts b/c i only have around 30-45 mins of time to workout each day. I'm a personal trainer so i'm always at the gym but i'm also a student so i'm very busy right now (damn summer school). These started out of necessity but i've found i like them MUCH more.

    My concerns are that my cortisol levels are going to get our of control training twice a day. It's also harder to control my calorie intake as i like to take in a good amount of carbs around my workouts. Really just looking for what everyone thinks of training twice a day and also any science backing one way or the other would be awesome. Thanks.

    EDIT* How long of a break does everyone think is necessary in between each workout.

  2. I've never tried weights twice a day but have done martial arts classes and weights in the same day. I found it best to keep the sessions as far apart as possible e.g. early morning and evening/night. I know for a fact that twice a day hindered my gains in the gym.

    Here is a link to an article by Charles Poliquin:

  3. Nice article thanks for that.

  4. They serve their purpose with bulking and work well for some in short bursts. Cortisol shouldn't be much of a problem as long as nutrition is adequate. It also depends on your own recovery time.
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  5. When you say bulking i'm assuming you mean in a caloric surplus.

    Anyone else have any input. Twin Peak maybe?



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