Despite the title, this thread isn't about puffing off about how much I can lift or anything (as you'll see by the weights I use.)

I'm curious if I'm gaining strength at a decent rate or not. I train alone in my basement (so no training partners to gauge my progress against) and my strength just kinda slowly creeps up. Almost never a jump of more than one rep on any one exercise. And all I really care about is strength...figure size will come when I can handle real weights.

So let me give an example of my last three workouts (nevermind the weights, look at the increases.) I train every other day using a full body HIT routine. I've made more progress using this routine than any I've used in the past. Sometimes I go to failure...sometimes I don't (if I know I won't get a full rep I don't try it...if I think I can I try it and maybe fail on it.) I'll list the weights and reps of my biggest three exercises.

Exercise...workout 1...workout 2...workout 3

Squat...265x7...265x8...265x8 (almost got nine)
Narrow Grip one board press (index fingers just inside the knurled part of the bar to the inside...I have delicate shoulders)...235x8...235x9...2 40x8
Incline Press (a little short of shoulder width)...195x8...195x10...205x 8

I know I'm kinda out of whack as far as squat being out of sync with the rest of my strength...I just don't think I have the body type to squat a lot of weight (long legs.) I've ALWAYS squatted.

Keep in mind I'm at my all-time strongest (so these aren't "return to training" gains or lack thereof.) I'm using Max LMG from ALRI right now...gains would most likely be SLOWER if I were not.

What do you guys think of that? Is it too slow? Is it acceptable? Would you be happy gaining strength at that (slow) rate? I know this is a marathon not a sprint...but I'm wondering if I should be getting better strength gains faster. Everytime I set strength goals I end up way under them.

(I'm 30, work a full time job that doesn't wear my body out at all...only other physical activity for me is a lot of golf six months out of the year...and my diet - while not perfect - is pretty damn good I think.)

Sorry this was so long...that wasn't my intention but I didn't wanna leave anything out.