Do I need to do Legs (as often)

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    Do I need to do Legs (as often)

    Ok well I hate legs days, well I don't really hate them but I usually push myself to almost puking just like a good leg day should. However here's my question for you guys. I know alot of people advocate the theory that if you can get your legs and back big the rest of your body will catch up and grow! So he's the dillema my legs are already (and have always been) huge. My thighs are always causing my chaffing, underwear always fits terribly and pants well i usually have to buy a bigger waist size so they can fit comfortably. So I'm thinking of maybe doing legs once every two weeks, instead of once evrey week. You guys think that would have a bad affect on my training. Oh yeah right now I'm cutting, my leg day currently is 4 x 20 Leg Ext., 4 x 20 Leg Curls, 4 x 20 Squats.

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    Well your legs are your biggest muscles, which when worked releases the largest amount of GH. It isn't a matter of if you have big legs your body will catch up, but instead by training your legs your helping the rest of your body to grow.

    I can say from experience that I grow much much faster when I am working my legs out hard then when I skip training them. I mean if it is a tradeoff for you to not train your legs but to grow a little slower than do so. If you are a meso you prolly don't need to worry as much as say an ecto would anyhow.
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    I have the same problem. My legs have always been big from being a catcher for 15 years, training for 9 years, and along with other sports. I would always keep them in my workout though. I would do even less volume than you are doing though if you don't want them to get any bigger. Maybe do 2x20 for squats, 1x20 for extensions and do 2x6 with SLDL. I like SLDL for hams rather than leg curls. See how that goes and maybe eow do 1 set for each exercise.

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    Why not change your leg focus to one for strength...rather than all the x20's? Reps of 5's and 3, going for explosion. Throw in some 100 and 200m sprints as well. Might lower bf at the same time (which might also be part of the problem...i don't know), while still getting a good workout and GH release.

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