Think I need a break...

  1. Think I need a break...

    Just got off a 3 month cycle and it has been 15 days since my last shot. I am doing the following PCT:

    Clomid 300mg day1, 150mg day2-3, 100mg day 4-10
    Lean Extreme (2caps morning, 1 more 4 hours later) Day 10 - Day 38 (4 Weeks)
    Rebound XT (1cap with first meal and 2 caps before bed with a fatty meal) Day 10 - Day 38 (4 Weeks)
    Tribex (Tribulus terrestris, Avena sativa) 5 days On, 2 Days Off Starting at Day 10
    CEE 5g/ed

    My gains at the gym seem to actually be slipping some or at least not improving. I am still going hard and heavy so from all I read, I messed up.. I should really be lifting light I guess. I took a week off in the start of April. I just do not seem to have the energy and get tired easier. My diet is still good and eatting like mad. Only lost about 5 pounds since I ended my cycle. All I can say is that I really really miss my juice... Sounds like I should be taking some time off again or cutting back some maybe. Just hard to do because I want to keep getting bigger like when I was on cycle. Need a new routine too I think. Was thinking about starting a cycle of IGF-1 but maybe I should hold off on that too.

    My first cycle so I guess I will need to live and learn some.

  2. Yup, sure sucks going back to natty training after a cycle! But what goes up must come down (usually anyways ). You should still be overall stonger and bigger than before you started the cycle (though I have no idea what it was), so as long as you get that, be happy.

    You should indeed decrease volume/intensity a bit in PCT, while maintining high calories. This will also help you to not overtrain, which it sounds like you may be suffering from a bit now.

  3. My cycle was:

    500mg of testo enanthate a week (Week 1-12)
    30 mg of dbol (Week 1-4)
    250iu of HCG (Week 4-14 @ 2x week)

    I am overall bigger and stronger and just do not want to loose it. But a break still sounds in order and decrease my intensity.

    Just bitching I guess. I can see why people get hooked on these cycle

  4. Listen to your body bro, that's all I'll say.

  5. It is definetly a good idea to take a break. I think it is a good idea no matter what to take your first week of pct off training. Your bodies hormones are in the dump, you are broke down from training so hard the entire cycle, and probably also need a psychological break to regroup yourself and be able to keep up the intensity post cycle. I have found that taking a break post cycle really helps alot. I dont know about lifting light post cycle, I see many people suggesting that around here, but for me, I like to make sure the volume is down, but still work in some heavy weights to help retain strength, at least it has worked for me in my previous post cycles. If lifting light makes more sense to you and you think it will work better by all means give it a shot. Make sure you are feeling well rested before hitting it really hard, and if I am going through a workout and after I am done with the main exercise for the day and if I feel just absolutely exhausted, I call it a day. You dont want to drive your cortisol levels any higher from continually forcing yourself onward, which will eventually lead to overtraining, and being overtrained during post cycle could be a complete wreck.

  6. I haven't done an AAS cycle, but I am currently on a break this week. I went to the gym once this week so far and hit up a little cardio, and for chest did 135x8 for 3 sets, thats it!
    A break is good every once in a while.


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