carb loading and contest weight

  1. carb loading and contest weight

    I've got a friend competing in a local natural show and i'm helping him with his contest diet. I've got everything down except for the carb load starting about 10 days out.

    I've got him on about 250 grams of carbs a day right now and he's about 2 weeks out. Leaning out nicely and will just be adding cardio this week. Only problem is he's got to make a certain weight (170 lbs) and i'm not sure how a carb load will effect his body weight. I would hate for him to get to contest weight and then go over because of increased glycogen stores from the carb load. Here's the plan so far.

    10 days out:
    cut carbs in half to 125 grams ED
    Increase sodium to around 1 gram a day.
    Increase water from one gallon to at least 2 gallons

    2 days out:
    increase carbs to 375 grams
    decrease sodium to a minimum level
    decrease water to 1 gallon

    1 day out:
    carbs at 375
    minimum sodium
    decrease water to .5 gallons

    day of:
    carbs 375
    minimum sodium
    minimum water

    How's this look guys. Do you think the carb load could possibly cause him to add weight? The real problem is that his LBM is right around 165lbs so we don't have a lot of room for error here. Thanks for the help.

  2. Sorry, put this in the wrong forum. Could a mod move this into the nutrition forum. Thanks.

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