Slow Pitch softball training

  1. Slow Pitch softball training

    Ok, in the winter I don't mind bulking, or looking chunky.  But spring is coming up and I want to get ready for the beach.  Also, softball season is 6 weeks away.  I tend to have to watch my workouts in the summer so they don't interfere with sports.  What do I mean?  Often after a hard workout the day or two after you get sore, stiff, too pumped etc.  I know for softball that gave me problem, especially after tricep workout.  I have to throw like a girl cuz my tri's were exhausted 2 hours earlier.

    What do you guys do differently when you have to play ball beside working out?  In the winter I don't care unless I have to move someone the next day, which in that case I might skip the workout.  I play softball, football, golf, tennis, volleyball, soccer, ultimate frisbee, jet ski, martial arts, and more.  I want to stay in shape, and get stronger but with all those activities it's hard to get in 3-4 workouts and still have all body parts functioning fully.


    YJ, give me you tips for bb training :-)


  2. Hey man, I moved this for you, you'll get many more answers in this baseball training article link is in my signature. But I know what you're saying about being fatigued and trying to participate in something else. No way you can workout after your game? or is that too late? Thats what I used to do and loved it. Id get all sweaty and pumped, the blood flowing, then I would go train and just carry it all over to the weight room. I actually increased strength steadily for 2 years during baseball season doing this.

    How many games a week do you play?

  3. Well, it's slow pitch and usually we play only once, sometimes twice a week. Wednesday I play ball hockey, and Friday we do a variety of sports. I like to put on more muscles, but I don't want to be too heavy to the point I lose speed.

    We play in the evenings on a weekday so to go workout at 9-10pm is not that convenient. I might be volunteering to work with kids on Wednesday. So that pretty much fill my week.
    Monday and or Thursday ball, Wednesday kids, Friday other sports, and Tuesday group functions.

    Yup I have read your article previously. Good post. Yeah the guys are much bigger, faster, better in the BIGS huh?

  4. Ha.....yea, but Im sure their multi vitamins are the best around

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