New drug free personal deadlift record

  1. New drug free personal deadlift record

    Pulled 565 for 5 last night . I have to thank BDC and his products and Mike Mentzer's training philosophy. I'm fired up and hope to pull 600 by the end of April. My drug induced best 720 6 years ago. I hope to get back to that in the next 20 months.

  2. Great work.

  3. thanks

  4. wooof! how bout some stats. 565 for 5 at ? weight. but stil....wooof! (ha) use of straps,chalk? Sage

  5. Damn, that's alot of weight brother, strong work!

  6. 5'9 231 and yes I did use straps. I do not have my exact BF but i have abs and some vascularity

  7. Nice job. Keep it up.

  8. real nice man, big weight there!

  9. e****lent job bro!

  10. thanks



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