Is twenty sets to much?

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Bean
    I think I'm the lean and fast side of the scale I do know I run pretty fast and have very good endurance...
    after not running for 9 years, the first time iwent out, i ran a 6:23 mile without trying too terribly hard
    Just to clarify, you can be fast and huge. You just can't be huge and have good endurance. There are guys out there near 300lbs who can run the 40 in low 4's, but don't ask them to run a mile at a fast speed... Also, your agility suffers to some degree as you put on weight, which is why you don't see 280lb ballet dancers

  2. I had good endurance at 165, but at 230 running a couple miles is indeed a workout!! getting a lot better though. Im sure there's a 'perfect' balance for everyone, I'd rather lean toward the mass side myself. But I'll never neglect my cardio again!


  3. When I break 210 I will worry about being fast, with my metabolism if I ran down the driveway, I would burn 3500 of my 4000 cals. lol.

    yeah I bumped up the cals to 4000 because exnihilo made fun of me. j/k


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