lower back routine?

  1. lower back routine?

    what do you guys do for a lowerback routine?

  2. I do deads mainly for that area

  3. Deads, rack pulls, weighted hyperextensions, pull throughs, good mornings, suspended good mornings, straight leg deadlift.

  4. I do seated good mornings( work better IMO), quarter deads, hyperextensions, machine extensions(sometimes), SLD.

  5. what do you use for the seated good mornings... flat bench or something?

  6. Regular deadlift and good mornings do the trick for me - but my tricks are not all that impressive - did 405lbs for 9 reps yesterday on dl - don't laugh its a pb for me cus I am small

  7. I sit at my computer and read Anabolic Minds all day...while maintaining very good posture

  8. try bent knee good mornings to eliminate the hams from the movement


  9. Deads first and foremost. Also weighted hyper extensions

  10. Yeah I use a flat bench and you go down to parallel. Really isolates the whole lower back. Don't go to heavy, really focus on the movement and keeping your back straight.

  11. i think im going to throw in the seated good mornings...i used to do regular ones, and never thought about seated.

  12. Yeah it gets you a greater pump IMO, I would say warm up with hyperextentions, then do the seated good mornings. You will feel a deeper pump if you do it in that order( from experience).


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