$500 for eliptical ok price?

  1. $500 for eliptical ok price?

    Hey bros, my lady and I have decided to buy an eliptical for the home gym we're building. We found a Reebok brand eliptical at Sports Authority for $500. Its a nice, solid piece of equipment, by far the best one they had. Its also $300 off, regularly $800 until tomorrow so we're thinking of picking it up tomorrow. Although, I havent had time to check out elipticals anywhere else besides the net and Walmart (these were ****ty ofcourse) and Sams had a decent one, but was also $500 and not as nice. So Im wondering if $500 is about right for an eliptical. I was thinking of getting a used one if could find it, but dont know if thats such a good idea either. Now before you guys recommend just going running and whatnot, this is the only way I can entise her to begin some exercise. Ive also wanted to be able to roll out of bed and get my a.m. cardio out of the way without having to go anywhere. So, any opinions before I go drop some serious cash?

  2. i spent 300 bucks on a decent eliptical at sears that takes up minimal space. the gauges on it kinda suck and i can't rely on it to count cals burnt and stuff like that. i just take my own heartrate. it gets the job done.

  3. We got a nice Nordictrac eliptical from Sears (on sale for $799, I think, may still be on sale) back around Thanksgiving. So far I really like it. It has an adjustable incline, but I set that to max a month or so after I started using it. Its got heart rate on the handles, and 8 different "routes". BY having it near the TV I can watch the morning news at 5:00 and get in 30 minutes or so without worrying about the weather, etc.

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