power system technology

  1. power system technology

    I am looking for an old customized workout routine that e.a.s and Musclemedia 2000 used to advertise. I think it was called power system technology. Does anyone know where I can find this

  2. Amen.

    Was WAY ahead of its time. By far the most incredible program I've ever used. Wish to God I could find it...

  3. what year did it come out. I have some MM issues from the last year/1.5 years of its publication.

  4. It was late mid 90's, if I remember right.

    I later found out the Brad Jeffries (supposed originator of the system) was really a pen name for Shawn Phillips.

    Wherever it resides today, it is a lost treasure.

  5. I did this program designed by Shawn Phillips a while back:


    It worked quite well, and I have continued to make gains using some similar training ideas. Maybe this is similar to what he had done in MM.

  6. thanks for the responses does anyone else know any more about it

  7. The original program was customized to the athlete.

    For example, you'd determine your goal (strength, mass, endurance etc.) and test your 1RM on say, 3-8 exercises.

    You'd mail this away (no internet yet) and they'd mail you a custom 8 week program complete with how many reps and sets to do along with how much weight to use AND how long to rest in between sets.

    It was beautiful, and worked better than anything I've ever tried. I would gladly shell out whatever they were asking for today if it were available.

    I'm assuming it would be a HELL of a lot cheaper/faster now with the internet around.


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