1. Glutes/Quads

    I'm looking to do some serious training for my legs (i'm female) and I'm wondering what would be the most effective workout would be for gulutes and quads? I've been doing squats, hacksquats, leg press, and leg extentions - along with a 6 day hard cardio program. My legs tone up pretty easily but I've always struggled with having a large reer and I'm just not seeing the results that I wanted. Any advice?

  2. what type of cardio are you doing and how long is each session? what's your diet like? what's your workout program like?

  3. Give us some stats as well.

  4. Stats: I'm 160ish lbs (taking trimax right now to help lost some weight), i'm 5'7, somewhere between an endo and meso body type. I've been active my whole life but it's been really hard for me to lose weight (espcially my butt and lower stomach).

    Diet: Very strict. I try to stay under 1200 calories a day. I'm eating 50/30/20. A typical day for me is: oats and protein for breakfast, fat free plain yogert, tuna or grilled fish w/ veggetables for lunch, protein shake after my workout, chicken or fish with veggies for dinner, and sometimes fat free cottage cheese a few hours before bed.

    Workout: Usually lasts a little over an hour, Monday and Saturday I do extra cardio and if the weather is nice I ride my bike 10 miles to campus 5 days a week

    Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday: Stair Stepper 30 mins
    Squats 4 sets w/ 10 reps (70 lbs), Hacksquats, 4 sets w/ 12 reps (140 lbs), leg press (230 lbs) 4 sets 12 reps, calf raises 3 sets 16 reps(185 lbs).

    MWF: Elliptical - high intensity/interval training 45 mins
    M: (Spinning/Cycling 1 hour) Chest and triceps - Skullcrushers, tri pull down, overhead dumbbell extentions: with 12 reps each; chest: incline dumbbell press, dumbbell press, and dumbbell flys 12 reps
    W: Back and abs - back: hyperextentions, dumbbell row, wide-grip pulldown, and seated low-pulley row: 12 reps; then i superset abs with 3 exercises and i do as many reps and i can
    F: Bicept and shoulders - bi's: concentration curls, hammer curls, standing ez bar curl @ 12 each; shoulders: dumbbell shoulder press, upright row, bent-over lateral raises @12 reps

    Saturday: Spinning/Cycling 1 hour

    Sunday: Rest day

    Let me know what ya'll think i should do for my big booty I appreciate the help!

  5. I don't know that much about female training, but...

    That's a lot of exercise, not a lot of food, and you are kind of overweight - you are probably overdoing it on exercise, underdoing it on diet. Are you leaning out or just getting smaller while staying fat? If you're leaning out, cool just be patient... But if you're getting smaller and staying fat, why not try bumping the calories by a couple hundred to maybe ~1500ish, drop the volume of weight training a tiny bit, switch from high volume high intensity aerobic training to slightly higher volume low intensity (no higher than 70% max heart rate, more like 60-65% being ideal) and do maybe 45-60 mins 4-6 times/week.

    As far as diet, have the oats with whey before your workout instead of for breakfast, have some form of fairly lean meat (4-6oz) with ~2 cups green veggies (broccoli, romaine lettuce, spinach etc) at least 3x a day, make the cottage cheese bedtime snack an every day thing, and get a little more fat in the form of o3 fatty acids (fish oil caps or a couple tablespoons of flax seeds ground up). The yogurt makes a decent snack (more fat free cottage cheese would be even better) to have between meals.

    Oh, just a FYI, most guys like big booty as long as it's not really wide, fat or saggy So don't get all obsessive about having little boy ass.



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