your thoughts on splitting delts

  1. your thoughts on splitting delts

    one body part that has always developed behind the rest for me is my shoulders. recently i just switched my workout a little bit.
    monday -morining chest evening triceps front delts,side delts
    tuesday- abs calves
    wensday- morning back evening biceps,rear delts
    friday- quads hamstrings
    sunday rest

    anyone see anyproblems with split?
    also is this split ok for my delts or should i just have a seperate workout for my entire shoulders?

  2. I only split delts if I'm nursing an injury, but if you're lagging, it might work.

  3. to me it sounds like you're going to overtrain the hell outta your shoulders .. they are a tiny muscle group

  4. Honestly that is a lot of work each week on the delts. I don't think you should have 2 days out of the week just training calves and abs either. I'd throw Shoulders in the chest routine and that's it.

  5. Dont do chest in the morning then tris in the evening. chest works tris, either do them in the same workout or space them apart.



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