Help with wrist pain

  1. Help.

    I just started going heavy again and my right wrist is really starting to bother me. It's the underside of the joint and about one and a half inches down the forearm. Aything "special" or supp that would help? Thanks

  2. using wrist wraps? Also this is one of the starting signs for carpal tunnel if I remember correctly

  3. Thats probly it? Any supps or anything that would help. Sorry I am typing and clicking left handed at the moment.

  4. I would try and avoid using wrist wraps as in the end in really only weakens the muscle even more and makes you dependent on them.

    I would go to the doctor and get tested for carpal tunnel. When my uncle went the doctor told him the 2 most common professions with carpal tunnel are bodybuilders and electricians (he's an electrician). It will be worth it to get tested and appropriate treatment.

    That said, if you are of the type that doesn't believe in doctors or doesn't have insurance, wrist wraps, rest, and some exercises to strengthen the forearms/wrist might be in order

  5. Bump on the wrist wraps. I remember a while back that when I lifted heavy on pressing movements that my wrists would sometimes hurt. Wrist wraps completely solved the problem. Could it be something else? Maybe so, but it's worth a shot.

  6. I decided to try a solve this myself. I got a wrist brace and I am taking some supps to help. I may go the Deca Adquen route. Anyone have any thoughts on this?


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