How do you do your shrugs?

  1. How do you do your shrugs?

    I've recently started working my traps much more and it's shown a huge improvement but I never really gave much thought into how they are done...

    For some days i'll go in and squeeze to the top and lower them but still keep pressure on them and other days I let them completely relax. I'm not sure which is the correct or more efficent way. Does anyone have anything they do specifically for their traps. Also, what's the standard rep/sets for these?

    I like trying new workouts every so often to keep the spice up and so the question was born

  2. i squeeze and hold for 2 seconds at the top then slow on the negative letting it go FAR down, really feeling the stretch .. then rinse and repeat

  3. yes, remember shrugs are another big ego exercise! Really concentrate on keeping the proper form, like Glenihan said. Most guys in my gym jerk the bar up with their bodies and still only do 1/4 of the motion.

    DB shrugs are also good. I like to switch them up every so often so both types of grips are worked.

  4. DB shrugs, slow and controlled, pausing at the top.

  5. I mainly do DB shrugs with arms bent at the sides. I can get much higher in my shrug then if arms are straight down.

  6. I like to explode up, hold for a second and lower it back down to a full stretch, I usually work traps in the 6-12 reps range.

  7. Load up the smith machine. look straight down and keep a slow tempo and squeeze at the top.

  8. I like to do barbell shrugs slow and controlled with a hold at the top. One my last rep hold it till it burns.
    Also add a forward lean and let the bar hang low and bring my shoulder straight up sometimes.

    I recently bought some powerhooks to do heavy db benches. When using these for db shrugs it gives me much more movement.

  9. I alternate both every 2-3 weeks, but I get the best "burn" doing DB shrugs. Like Glen said, squeeze at the top for 2 seconds and push down at the bottom to get a really good stretch. Form and control means everything in Shrugs if you ask me (any other lift for that matter).

  10. I like doing heavy barbell shrugs and supersetting with "reverse shrugs". Get up on the parallel bars like you are going to do dips, and while keeping your arms straight let your body down as much as possible (using the traps), then lift yourself up.

    Definately a reverse of the normal shrug. Supersetting heavy for 8 reps with reverse for 20 reps (at 260lbs so BW is fine for me) really gets the traps burning.

    Its just something I started doing and really like.

  11. Don't do'em. I do heavy deads.

  12. Yeah, until I build my core back up heavy deads are a bit off. I'm stuck doing light back exercises. These are some great variations of the shrug.

    I've done those 'reverse' types too but I limit those to 3 sets every other week because of the angle.

  13. i do 2 types of exercises for my traps and ive seen great results from both
    first i do normal dumbell shrugs hands at side then i switch to the smith machine with bar behind me hands facing back and do shrugs that way. ive noticedthat when i do the smith machine i notic a good burn all the way down my traps and even in my rhomboids.


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