odd situation, advice please

  1. Cool odd situation, advice please

    ok i been working out all naturally for 4 months, lately when i work my chest im gettin a really good pump but im not SORE at all.......... at first i thought it was because my body addapted to my workouts so i changed them, and im still having this problem, my reps are till negative failure and im spending 30 to 40 minutes on my chest alone. heres what my workout looks like right now.

    3x10 weighted dips
    3x12 decline bench
    3x12 incline bench dumbell
    3x12 flat bench dumbell
    3x15 standing cable flyes
    3x15 pushups

    im getting a really good pump except im not sore the next day, so my chest cant be growing.

  2. hmm, 18 sets for a total of 228 reps for chest day? sounds like overtraining to me.

  3. incline dumbbell
    weighted dips
    cable crossovers

    that would suffice.

  4. Yeah, and how about going for lower reps for a while?

    Change the order of the exercises, go as low as positive failure at 5 reps, have a spotter on some lifts... That should help.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by TravTriggz
    im getting a really good pump except im not sore the next day, so my chest cant be growing.
    Your reason for thinking this is??

  6. yea il try lifting alot heavier lower reps, thanks

  7. Hell, I'd drop just go with two chest movements (ideally two pressing movements). 4-8 sets total, 5-8 reps/set

  8. Try doing bench and pushups as a super set, tell me that doesnt make you sore

  9. hehe i never superset i should.
    anyway i been lifting heavier weight lower reps and im pretty sore


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