Try to Overtrain? Advice Please.

  1. Try to Overtrain? Advice Please.

    Maybe this is somewhere already. If my goal is to shrink my midsection would it be a good ideal to attemp to overtrain my obliques with high volume low weight x4 a week? Or do something like 14 days straight then a week off and maybe a month of once/twice a week ab work?

  2. No, just focus intensly on your cardio and diet, that will shrink your mid section. As far as ab work hit it with non weight and weight crunches and oblique movements

  3. I would also recomend a Ab class if offered at your's intense and really targets the "love handles"

  4. I don't know about everyone else, but when I train abs (if I do), I train them like any other bodypart. Progressively, low volume and high intensity. Weighted crunches and side bends usually do it for me. Also, if you want to "shrink" your midsection, besides having your diet and cardio in check, work on hitting your back width (lats). A nice V-Taper will give the appearence of a smaller midsection.

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