new training style "hogie mass training"

  1. new training style "hogie mass training"

    so i have been doing the same style of workout ever since i started weightlifting. my split went like this
    mon: chest and tries
    tue: back and bis
    wed: cardio or off
    thu: shoulders
    fri: legs

    i feel that with this split my upper body does not have enough recovery time since all the muscles are intertwined and hit indirectly on more or less every upper body day. now i kind of stole some ideas from supersoldier but i will break up my exercises into ranges of motion and opposing ranges of motion.

    away push: bench and away pull: cable rows
    push up: shoulder press and pull downull ups
    push down: dips and pull ups : upright rows

    i will preform 2 of each excercise at a weight that i reach failure at aroung 6 reps. i will also perfrom opposing excercises interchanged. so a set of bench then a set of cable rows then another set of bench and another set of cable rows. this should help me move through my workout faster and lift the same amount of weight since my chest will be resting while i am doing my cable rows. this means 12 sets a workout. it should provide a massive pump which is always motovating. i will do this upper body workout on on mondays and thursdays so i can feel tight all week. but should in theory give me more recovery time as well. anybody have any thoughts?
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  2. Thats very similar to the split I had for the last few months (before I started HST). Mine was:

    Vertical Push/Pull- Arnolds, Lat Pulls, Pull Ups, Upright Rows
    Legs- Squats, Stiff Legs, Quad Ext, Hamstring Curls, Calves
    Horizontal Push/Pull- Incline Barbell Bench, Bent Over Row, Flat Dumbell bench, Cable Rows

    I ussually throw triceps at the end of one upper body workout and biceps at the end of another. This is by far the best split I ever did for recovery purposes. I got the idea from that same supersoldier thread that I think you got yours from.

  3. i think my split will go like this

    upper body
    upper body
    misc body parts: abs, calves, kneck

    so that is good to hear that you. so you only have 3 workouts a week?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by hogiejoe
    so that is good to hear that you. so you only have 3 workouts a week?
    Yeah. I added in an arm/calf day like you had for awhile, but for most of the time, only 3 days a week.

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