Which is the better way to sprint

  1. Question Which is the better way to sprint

    Which do you guys think would be better as far as 'greater total fat loss'/'little to no muscle loss' goes (the following done every day):

    Running 100 meters 12 times a day with each 100 meter run being spaced out through the entire day (like one run an hour), or

    Running 100 meters a couple times consecutively (like 3 or 4) so that 100 meters is run a total of 12 times each day (like running 100 meters 4 times, then repeating two more times later that day)?
    Also, do any of you guys jump rope for fat loss?

  2. yea jumping rope will SHREAD ur calves up and its good for cardio like anything else where ur moving arms and legs at the same time. O yea and try to jump on something soft like a rubber floor matt or wood, and stay away from concrete.

  3. Well I bought the Charlie Francis training manual and read up on that (he is a world famous sprint trainer) and you should treat sprinting as a workout. Since it is anaerobic you can easily overtrain yourself with too many sprints and you will probably do so running all through the day like that. I would do like 8 sets of 100m sprints and have like 4 minutes rest between sets. I don't know if you are doing this for speed training but you could also add like 4 sets of 20m sprints or something.

  4. When I was playing baseball we would run 10-100's 8-80's 6-60's take a water break then do 5-40's and 5-20's all with around 30-45 sec rest between each run. This was x2 a week and then distance almost every other day in the morning and lift in the afternoon.

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