1. pyramid

    Hi, is there any benefit to pyramiding your weights every set or using a reverse pyramid or is it better to use straight sets?

  2. I like reverse pyramid when I hit sticking points. Pushing the heaviest weight when you're fresh just seems logical.

    However, I also incorporate many different types of training.

  3. i don't believe in pyramiding ... why use less weight than you can handle ... that's not to say you shouldn't warm up ... but once we're talking about working sets use the HEAVIEST WEIGHT YOU CAN

  4. When I first started lifting really serious I used pyramids, 10,8,6,4,2 using something that I could get fairly easy for reps 10 and 8, then reps 6,4,2 were the absolute most weight I could use for that rep range. It worked good for me and I think it has its place, but I was just getting serious, so I could have probably made gains on anything. I may go back to it sometime, but I doubt it will be anytime soon.

  5. I just incorporated it back into my routine. I have to say I feel better then ever in and out of the gym. I was doing straight sets to failure for a while so it's a nice break for my body to not go to failure everytime. It's allowing me to go heavier on some of my lifts and move weight I normally don't lift. I'm not going to low on the reps though, usually 12,10,8.



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