still dont know what i want to do but I think i am just going to keep this routine.. im not liking the way GVT works because i like doing some iso exercises and gvt does not take care of that very well and plus i dont believe 10 sets is enough for me (although hell its hitting the exact same part 10 times)... tell me what ya think..

monday- lats and lower back
palms facing pullups- 4x10
wide grip pullups- 4x10
lat pulldown (behind head)- 3x10
one arm dumbbell rows- 3x10
barbell rows (palms up)- 3x10
goodmorning exercise- 3x8-10
SL deadlifts- 3-4x8-10

tuesday- tri's
french presses- 3x8-10
cable push down alternated with palms up grip- 4x10-12
skull crushers- 3x10-12
overhead dumbbell press- 2x8-10

wednesday- shoulders and traps
arnold presses- 3x10
military press- 3x10
front raises-3x10
lateral(rear) raises-2x10
upright row- 5x10
barbell shrugs-3x10
dumbbell shrugs- 3x10

thursday- off

friday- chest
flat barbell bench- 3x6-10
dips- 4x10
incline db- 3x10
flyes- 3x10

saturday- legs and biceps
squats- 5x10
leg presses- 5x10
hamstring curl- 3x10
leg extension- 3x10
standing bb curl-3x8-10
inside and outside ez curl on preacher- 6x8-10 (6 total betwenen two)
incline dumbbel curl- 3x10
hammer curls-3x8-10

sunday- off

then abs, forearms, obliques, and calves will be worked in when needed..