German Volume Training

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  1. German Volume Training

    Any thoughts on this training style, any good? In terms of size and/or strength?

  2. It works great for size. It was one of the best programs I have ever tried for size gains.

  3. I gained quite a bit doing it. I was on a 1-test/4-AD/1,4-diol cycle at the time and bulking hard, so no suprise there I guess

  4. can someone post there split and what exercises they did while do this style of training.

  5. interested!

  6. mine followed Poliquin's pretty strict, no major changes. You've looked at the sticky at top, right? You can make changes if you want, but I didn't really see much need to.

  7. the link is not working for me, can you post the actual website?

  8. this link is in the sticky, is this not working for you?

  9. dont know what the deal is, it wont work, whats the site?

  10. mine followed Poliquin's pretty strict, no major changes. You've looked at the sticky at top, right? You can make changes if you want, but I didn't really see much need to.
    Same here. Just stick with the basics.

  11. one thing I dont understand. Do you do the same exercise for each body part each week? For example, for the first week you choose flat bench, should you stick to flat bench EVERY time you do chest?

  12. If I remember right I think you do the first 5-6 weeks with flat bench, then change to incline bench for the remaining 5-6 weeks. I would have to read over it again to be sure.

  13. So your supposed to do back and chest on the same day. But I decided to do just chest and see how it went. I bench around 350, so I decided to start with 185. I could to 10 until the 8th set, then I got 9, 8 and 6. Man **** is hard!!!!!!!I couldnt believe it.
  14. GVT, good stuff.

    I'm on the Intermediate phase right now and I love it. I follow the 60 second rest period between sets (I don't superset), but I slack a bit with the 4-5 second negatives (more like 2-3). I'm alternating core compound exercises for each bodypart per session. I'll do BB bench 10x follwed with 3x incline DB and the next session I'll do DB Bench 10x and dips 3x.

    I didn't like training chest and back the same day so I ended up doing chest/shoulders and back/bi's in difft wo's. But that's just me....

  15. Something like this will net results for like 6 weeks at best before you need to rework it. It will also put a hurt on any weak links you have and induce a lot of general fatigue.

  16. ill vouch for its effectiveness. the times ive trained GVT, i did tweak the selection of exercises.

  17. I did legs a few days ago, 10 sets of 10 deep swats at 185, I almost called in sick from work. It takes me like a 1 min just to walk down small flight of stares.

  18. Yeah, Buddy... did the same w/deads a few days ago; same weight and reps. The walk to my car from my condo is like the Bataan death march.

  19. yea, I am gonna try it with deads this weekend. I hope I wont even be able to stand up

  20. the lower back pumps are nearly fatal

  21. hey risk---I know this is off topic, but whats your final opinion on the oratropin.

  22. I like it, but would definitely go with the injectable. I saw much better results with the injectable at this stage in the cycle; simply put. As far as issues/risks related to plasma-spikes[inj IGF] -- I will likely go with more frequent injections.

  23. I just started GVT with my workout partner.

    First day went well but today both of us only have soreness in our tri's, none in our bi's. How can 10x10 sets of standing curls not cause ANY soreness...? Maybe we should go with another bi exercise next time...? What did you guys use for bicep day?

    On a side note, does anyone think 10x10 for just biceps might be a little overtraining?

  24. Try slowing down your concentric and eccentric phases, and keep super strict form, that should make you more sore. I wouldnt think it would be too much for bis, just give it another shot next week and let us know how it goes.


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