try this

  1. try this

    the more and more you get yourself involved in bodybuilding and resistance training, you get easily bored with the same exercises (true?) so try this my friends.....

    on shoulders day, after you completly devasted your shoulders and got them all toasty, grab a 45, 35, 25, and a 10 plate. start off with the 45 plate, raise it in front of your face out in front of you, grabbing it like a steering wheel and pretend like your driving with the hands on 10 and 2 (or where you get grip the plate with good firmness). go as long as you can...then drop the 45, pick up the 35 and do the same thing. do the same with the 25 and 10....your front delts will be cryin' Sage

  2. Sweet! I think I may try this or an alternative (Holding two smalled dumbells out to the side) cause my side delts are really lagging. Thanks.

  3. im gonna give the alternative a try too, i need to get my side delts in gear, but my front delts r in good condition.

  4. nice. just remember to twist them plates hard and face to get the twist action toast your delts away. Sage

  5. hey sage, I tried out your exercise. It was great , I loved the burn, the pain in my delts was awesome. It's this felling that I love most in the gym. I often do this thing where halfway through completing the last rep of a set I'll hold it stationary for as long as I can. For example on bicep curls i'll see how long I can hold the weight with my radius/ulna parallel to the ground. I think it's called isometric training or something like that. The burn and pump are fantastic. later



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