Body-Part Training Is Dead ????

  1. Body-Part Training Is Dead ????

    I want to say first off I do not agree with this article because it comes from men's fiction. But I would like some feed back on this because a friend of mine thinks that this is the way to go even though they contridict there own routine in it's description. They way that Body Part Training is dead because you cannot Isolate body parts which is true you always use secondary muscles. But they say the main reason it does not work is because it does not give you adequate time to recover. Then later they say that you should do tris on back day and bis on chest day which if you go with their schedule never gives your arms time to fully recover. I think I am rambling at this point so if you could help me point my friend away from all of this new age BS I would appriciate it.

    The article is here

  2. very stupid article

  3. It depends what you're trying to do. Body part training is good for body building but inferior for strength training. My fiance's brother is an olympian and he trains heavy with some exercises 3 days a week. It's kinda like that HST stuff.

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