Where can I get lifting chalk?

  1. Where can I get lifting chalk?

    I'm sick of the bar slipping out of my hands every 3 reps when I'm deadlifting. Anyone know a good place I can get lifting chalk or something else that will suffice?
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  2. An outdoor sports store where they sell climbing supplies etc is where I got mine.

  3. Is it just calcium carbonate?
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    -=The Big Squirrel Nut Swingers=-

  4. Try extreme formulations Liquid chalk, it works well for me. You can buy it @bulknutrition.com

  5. wal-mart sells super glue. Talk about being hooked on the weights

  6. elite fitness systems

    or www.midwestbarbell.com

    on their store

  7. House of Pain.com

  8. academy sells it, I just bought a box of it last week.


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