Is my Split O.K.?

  1. Is my Split O.K.?

    Hello bro's

    Just lookin for an eduMacuated bro to take a look at my
    split and tell me if its OK, or If I should change it.

    I have just started to get back into lifting after around 3
    months off. I got really lazy and stressed out lol But Im
    good now and ready to get big!!!

    My goal is to build the most size without adding TONS of
    waterweight and fat. I know its hard but Im gonna try my
    a$$ off.

    Im 5'11'' .... 183 lb.

    Monday - Bi's & Back
    Tuesday - Basketball
    Wednesday- Chest & Tri's
    Thursday - Legs
    Friday - Abs & Shoulders
    Saturday - Cardio - Basketball
    Sunday - Tri's

    See im having trouble spacing it out. I have to play
    basketball at least 2 times per week. Its my life HAHAHA
    But weight lifitng is now too so whatever good split
    you could help me create would be very very nice.

    I am lacking in my chest and Bi's,Tri's
    So should I focus on them more??

  2. its looks ok. At your hieght and weight, I wouldnt worry about gaining fat, your gonna have to, or your not gonna get "huge." I would go real light on the cardio too.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by BackHand
    My goal is to build the most size without adding TONS of
    waterweight and fat.
    Worry about the diet first if you want to get big and stay lean, less on the splits and routines. You could have the best split/workout for your body ever, and not see anything because of the diet.

  4. i would definetely get off sunday being tris day. i promise that a day of rest would do you much better than another day of tris. this is without question in my opinion. i would never work the same bodypart twice a week no matter how far behind they are lagging. you would have much better results killing them in one workout and having sufficient recovery time. remember lifting weights is just a simuli and the recovery time is when they actually grow. without time off you wont grow.

    when i say kill them i mean heavy weight not necessarily a ****load of sets. but whatever works for you, just take sunday off

  5. I agree, diet is key.

  6. awesome! i really appreciate the help guys!!


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