Holding a 2 second contraction in the middle of rep?

  1. Holding a 2 second contraction in the middle of rep?

    Okay so I was working out with a personal trainer friend and they recommended that I hold the muscle contraction for 2 seconds in the middle of each rep of calf raises and leg extensions. There is no doubt it helped build up lactic acid in my muscle and thus caused some extra muscle soreness, but does this actually DO anything for muscle growth?

    I hadn't heard this before and it didn't seem to make sense to me logically (I have always read that isometric contractions=worthless), but it came from a reputable source. What do you guys think?

  2. It sounds like something I'd use as a plataue(sp?) buster, when I get stuck at a weight for too long but don't want to change my whole routine, I incorporate "shock" treatements into it for 2 weeks or so and then go back to my normal routine, I usually can start adding weight or reps that week, if not the next.

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  3. This will only help if you are trying to develop strength at the specific point at which you hold the contraction (i.e. that is where you stall in the lift when you have your max on the bar). Otherwise, worthless.

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