I am not very sore after my work out on the second day. even if i do everything to failure. i am afraid that i am not getting the best out of my work outs if i am not sore. but i dont think i can lift any more then i already am lifting. someone help....


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    He's asking if he needs to be sore the next day to judge his workouts effective. Soreness means nothing. You judge your workouts depending on your goals of course, whether your lifts are going up, your gaining LBM, losing fat etc. You can experience no soreness and being doing just fine.

  3. your main priority should be making sure you add weight every week to the compound excercise for for that day , Example- dips, chins, squats, deads.
    If the weight is not moving up week to week there is a problem,\

    Soreness is definatley not an indicator of growth!!!

  4. correct, soreness is not an indicator, but i love it.

  5. growth comes from the microtearing of muscle fibers partially no? there should be some soreness if one does a effective job...


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