Chest pains(skeletal?)

  1. Chest pains(skeletal?)

    I've been having this problem lately with my chest. Sometimes it makes a popping/cracking sound for no reason. And like this morning, I slept on my side wrong or something and the center of my chest hurt when I got up. If I stand with my hips still and rotate my upper body to the right, my chest hurts, but not when I turn the left. It doesn't always do this though, just sometimes. Right now, it also hurts if I push on it. Right in the center of my chest, about an inch or so above my nipples. I've never noticed any pain while doing workouts though. I'm thinking any number of things could've caused this, dips, incline db bench(going too low), maybe even hanging too low on chins.

    Anyone know what this actually is? It sucks because I haven't been lifting for very long, and I already have something wrong with me?

  2. I had some similar pains once, and I went to the doctor faster than **** through a goose because there's a massive history of heart disease in my family. Turned out to be muscle related. You can pull and strain your pecs like any other muscle.

  3. I too have this problem at times. I believe it has more to do with the cartilage (sp) in the chest/sternum area. Once I pop it, I feel better. Kind of like needing to pop your neck....not good i am told tho. anyway, I have it more now than a few months ago and I have actually been taking it easier on the heavy lifting...go figure. No muscle pain at all tho.

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